Liftmaster 8355


8355This is a garage door opener for those who love technology. It’s like the iphone of garage door openers. In simple words this garage door opener is smart. I did some research before purchasing it so once I got it installed and started my experiments and in my experience it passed all the tests with flying colors. T

The first thing I tested was the automatic reversal of the door when something stands in its way, it works every time so its hazard free. Then there is this “Myq technology” that I had heard a lot about. They say you can control most of the electric appliances in your house hold with a mobile or tablet by using it and it also has some security features.

I have tried my mobile app with this product and it seems to be working seamlessly. I can close and open the door from my mobile phone with this app and it also gives me a pop up notification every time my garage door is opened. It also has a security feature called posi-lock. What it does, is sense any attempt of forced opening. If this happens, it immediately locks the door.

This door is also high on encryption; it means that it’s difficult to hack it. And yeah its noise free, I personally found it to be pretty quiet. The manual also says that it consumes 75% less power when on stand by mode, I guess it also makes it eco-friendIy. Accessories included in the package are one multi function control panel which is meant to be used inside the garage and one three button remote control.

The manual says that this remote can also be used in conjunction with the myq technology for switching on and off some of the home appliances but I have personally not tried it yet. With such amazing features it is value for money, I will suggest to go for it, and as I already stated “In short, this garage door is SMART”.

Liftmaster 3850


3850“Just installed the Liftmaster 3850 a week ago, and its working fine. One of the aspects that I was worried about was noise, thankfully this one is pretty quiet. My Iiftmaster is integrated with a back up or standby power system. I tested this and found that it works fine for 39 door openings without power. However some people claim that this number goes beyond 40, I think maybe it depends on many other factors like how much charge is left in the battery. It has one of those safety systems that we see in lifts where the door automatically stops or reverses when it senses an object or body in its way. It basically works on the principle of infrared beams which are not visible to the human eye but can be used in such systems for sensing disturbance in the pathway.”

“It provides 200 watt lighting and the opener lights are as expected automatic. I got an EverCharge Standby Power System, a Smart Control Panel and a three button remote all included in the accessories as a part of the package. I personally found the smart panel to be really useful. It can display time, temperature and some diagnostic messages and all this data can be displayed in three different languages. One of the really neat features of the control panel is that it locks out the radio signals while you are away. But I also purchased two different accessories. The first one is a Garage door monitor.”

“It comes in handy when you wish to know whether the door is closed or not without actually being at the property. It flashes a red light when the door is open and a green when it is safely closed. The second accessory is a laser parking assist. The idea behind this is simple, as you will enter your garage the laser will get activated and projected on the dashboard and will help you park in the same place every time.  Last but not the least, with the lightmaster 3850 you get lifetime warranty on the motor and belt. I would give it a score of 9 out of 10 with its pros and cons well balanced.”

Liftmaster 3585


3585-293x300“I am probably one of those who do a lot of research and cross checking before buying a new product and this case was no exception. Let me tell you guys… my research paid off with good returns. The Liftmaster 3585 was recommended to me by a dear friend of mine and I took his advice. “

“I have been using this garage door opener for 2 months now and I have not encountered a single problem till date. I am not saying that this is the best garage door opener ever but I will stand by the fact that it does exactly what it is supposed to do. It is exceptionally quiet and very powerful. The previous garage door opener was about 10 years older and made a lot of noise and also lacked any smart features. One of the other reasons why I went for this one was that it had earned the good housekeeping seal, it meant that this is a reputable product and I was not be taken by an unpleasant surprise.”

“I drive a Lexus and I wanted a garage door opener which has some sort of security features augmented in it. This one lets you electronically program security codes, locks down automatically on detection of any forced opening attempt and it’s a hack proof system. It’s safe too as it stops automatically when it senses any other object in its path. Another selling point is its exceptional power, I have a heavy, double-wide wood door and it opens it with out showing any signs of distress. I would rate it 8.5 out of 10?

Liftmaster 3255


3255My dad got this one for his garage just yesterday. He bought it from Amazon for a few hundred bucks. It’s a Contractor Series 1/2 HP Chain Drive garage door opener. His older garage door opener was old, like really old, about 25 years old and it always made those scratchy sounds which would make you want pull out your own hair. It was really annoying but finally he came to senses and bought a new one.

Now this one is not as silent as other high end garage door openers but it’s still very silent as compared to those antique models. It has a high strength chain drive that makes it possible for it to keep a steady and smooth pace. It’s covered by a 4 year motor warranty and a one year parts warranty. It’s not that high on smart features but still covers enough ground in this area. Some notable features are automatic reversal of the doors. While reading the manual that came
with it, I found that if a door spring breaks accidently or for some other reason then the motor will go in reverse causing the door to be in the full open position.

It provides a 100-watt lighting. The opener lights get turned on automatically, and this is achieved by an infrared set up. My dad has an inclination towards the products which have certification. I guess this was one the reasons why he got it as its certified by the good housekeeping seal. It’s an even better deal for those who have an older lightmaster biting the dust as this one will fit in the same place as the outdated one.

It also meets all the UL325 standards. For those who don’t know what UL325 standards are let me tell you that it’s a safety standard for doors, gates and window operators. I think that at this it provides modest functionalities and is a great value for the money spent. If you wish to invest more and expand its functional zone then there are a number of accessories from LiftMaster itself. These accessories can be purchased separately as add ons. I would advise to go for it if you want a garage door opener that is fairly basic in terms of functionality but doesn’t compromises on quality at all.

Liftmaster 3245


3245-300x296A Closer Look At The Liftmaster 3245

The Liftmaster range is recognized for its exceptional durability and wide selections of garage door openers that deliver maximum functionality and security. The Liftmaster 3245 offers a number of standard features including modern technology developed to provide convenient operation and safety solutions. The following takes a closer look at its characteristics and the benefits that it can provide in regular operation.

Garage doors are important features for the home and the business including a variety of intricate components that aim to work smoothly and without malfunction. It serves to protect against damage to important assets and goods such as vehicles while preventing ease of access by would be criminals. It is important to rely on high quality alternatives that provide a number of safety and security features.

Installation should be performed by professionals in the industry who are knowledgeable with the particular brand and manufacturer range. It delivers powerful results that can be used in different styles of homes and a variety of applications for safe and smooth functionality. It has been designed for extended use and with some of the most extreme environmental elements in mind.

Smart technology that is included in these types of openers will allow for the electronic control of functions with a security code depending on the preferences of the property owner. A control panel is provided for simple solutions and ease of operation that adds to its overall security features. The mechanism includes a low light operation that can be replaced should the bulb no longer function.

One should obtain the mechanism from a reputable and reliable contractor who can install the device according to the specified requirements. Time should be taken to ensure that the apparatus is certified and includes a warranty in the event of malfunction. Technology offers additional benefits and favorable features for the superior performance of these structures and to prevent against the possibility of dysfunction.

Innovative design allows for the use of a multifunctional control that will allow ease of access to the property and enhances the overall security. The unique Posilock will ensure that the structure remains sealed and secure to stop intruders from trying to break in once the door has been closed. Such components can provide safety and peace of mind for both homes and businesses.

It is important to take the time to consider the mechanisms that deliver the greatest output and reliable operation over a period of time. High quality components offer extended operation that will prevent against deterioration and the possibility of malfunction. Standby systems are included with manual operation in the event of a power outage in the area.

The Liftmaster 3245 is a unique and powerful range that offers superior operation and smooth performance for all types of residencies and for business purposes. It is important to rely on secure features and operation that will last against the harsh environmental elements and ensure that all requirements are met in an efficient and reliable manner. Quality solutions should be sought to provide peace of mind that safety, security, and optimum performance are provided for properties.

Liftmaster 1345



The Liftmaster 1345 is one of the best garage door openers on the market. The device offers a considerable amount of lift, and buyers can expect their garages to remain protected through the years ahead. Specialized contractors will usually be able to install the opener for a small charge. Once it has been carefully maneuvered into place, it will remain in proper working order for a long time.

The model offers 75 watts of light, which means the interior of the garage will automatically be lit up whenever the button on the opener is pressed. It also has an automatic light time delay, which means the bulb will flick off by itself after several seconds. For homeowners who are looking to save money wherever they can, this is a very popular feature.

The installation button itself is rather easy to install. It can be affixed to the wall with a sturdy bracket and a bit of wiring. When people exit the house and walk into the garage, the Liftmaster 1345 can thus be activated within just a few seconds. The button also lights up, which makes it easy to find during the dark hours of late evening.

The remote for the car is connected to the the garage door itself through a wireless code. When people are driving their vehicles and are within a few feet of the driveway, they can simply hit the remote button to activate the garage door. The motor will slowly raise the door into the rafters so that the vehicle can enter the interior of the garage without much of a problem.

The Protector System uses a special laser to ensure that there is nothing blocking the garage door as it lowers itself to the floor. If a toddler or pet runs underneath the door while it is in motion, it will reverse its motion and retreat upward. This will prevent members of the household from becoming unnecessarily injured.

The Liftmaster also uses a special locking system that prevents it from being manually lifted. If homeowners are going to be out of town for the weekend and want to keep their vehicle inside, the locking mechanism will prevent unsavory characters from invading the garage. The lock is thus able to add another level of security to a wonderfully designed system.

There are a number of warranties available for this particular model. While the individual components parts are guaranteed for one year, the motor is guaranteed for two years. If any problems develop, the manufacturer will make the repairs without any problems. With regular maintenance, the device should remain in great shape for a long time.

The Liftmaster 1345 is ultimately a great choice for homeowners everywhere. The security mechanisms that are associated with the device are ideal, and people can ensure that their vehicles will not be damaged. Special locking mechanisms guarantee that only certain verified individuals can open the door. Homeowners who are interested in this particular model should make plans to procure one as soon as possible.

Liftmaster 1355


1355-225x150The Liftmaster 1355 is a garage door opener that offers reliability and supreme durability to operate in various circumstances and to deliver exceptional power in its operation. Garages are expensive structures and include a number of intricate components that often sustain a great deal of damage and deterioration over time and with regular use. The following review takes a closer look at the function of such mechanisms and the value that it can provide.

For large garage doors, it is important to rely on the best mechanisms that deliver superior security features and will last against general wear and tear. These structures offer privacy and protection for the home requiring superior quality to deliver smooth functionality. Powerful lifting and smooth performance are provided with the use of the 1355 model range.

To prevent against malfunction that could leave the door wide open for intruders or expose assets to damage, it is essential that sturdy and quality items are selected and installed. The Liftmaster offers powerful performance, stability, and lifting functions to ensure that you are safe and doors remain in full working order. Discussing the options with an experienced contractor can aid in making an informed and valuable choice.

Relying on quality mechanisms can provide optimum protection and ensure that all structures remain in top operational order. There are a number of features and functions that are associated with the line including electronic programming. The advanced technology allows one to access a security panel by means of a control pad for simple, safe, and convenient function.

A number of security functions are included in these types of mechanisms. The inclusion of safety beams that are emitted across the garage door works to reverse the door should it be triggered while the structure is closing. The inclusion of sensors will protect people and objects if the door is coming down to ensure that it does not make contact and prevents against damage.

There is the option to use a personalized code for the opening and closing of the structure. This offers added security as it is more difficult to pry open including the use of a suitable remote control. The patented lock will ensure that the door remains closed and secured to prevent against easy access for intruders and keep all assets protected.

The system includes electronic operation, but does include a manual release in case of a power outage. This will ensure that vehicles and exits are not locked and sealed in the case the electricity goes out. It is important to source these items from an authentic supplier to ensure that you are receiving certified goods built to last.

The Liftmaster 1355 is a unique range offering performance, stability, and powerful operation for heavy structures including the use of a single remote control for ease of access and functionality. It offers a number of safety features such as a beam across the entryways that will reverse its operation as soon as people or objects are detected. Considerations should be made for the structures that deliver superior operation and reliance on a manual system to release the mechanism in the event of a power outage.