Garage Door Maintenance

maintenance-300x250As the largest moving object in most households, the garage door takes a beating from daily use. The average residential door will open and close hundreds of times per year putting strain on the operating system, including the opener. Regular garage door maintenance will extend the life of all the components and keep users safe from harm.

Friction is the biggest enemy of most mechanical systems with multiple moving parts. Wherever parts are in contact with each other, friction can cause heat to build and create resistance in the system. Components start to wear out and eventually they break.

Routine maintenance includes a thorough inspection of every part of the system to identify components showing excessive wear. Fixing minor problems before they become major problems can save the homeowner thousands of dollars in expensive repairs. Major components, including doors, springs, and openers will last longer.

To eliminate friction in the operating system requires proper lubrication of all moving parts. This includes pulleys, drums, rollers, and hinges. Using the proper amount of lubricant in all the right places is crucial because too much lubricant attracts dirt and grime, which can clog up the tracks putting undue stress on the opener.

Inspection should also include a close look at all hinges, brackets, mounts, and bolts and tightening them when necessary. The constant motion puts stress on these parts. They can work loose putting excess strain on other components.

Moving parts in the door opener also require lubrication to eliminate resistance. Some openers feature chain driven motors. Adjusting the chain to eliminate slack ensures smooth operation. Replacing a broken gear can extend the life of an opener saving the homeowners hundreds of dollars on a replacement.

Testing the opener’s safety mechanisms is required to ensure safe operation by users. All openers have sensors that detect any objects in the path of travel. If the sensor detects anything, the system will reverse movement to keep from crushing the obstacle. Occasionally the sensors will need adjustment to restore proper function.

Doors that are difficult to open and close or that will not remain in the fully open position without slipping down indicate the system may be unbalanced. This requires an adjustment to the torsion or extension springs. Extreme caution is necessary when making this type of adjustment. The system must be under tension to work properly and adjusting the springs can be dangerous for individuals without the proper knowledge and experience.

Homeowners should inspect the cable to look for any signs of fraying when performing routine maintenance. A frayed cable is in danger of snapping. If this happens, the violent recoil can cause thousands of dollars in property damage or cause severe injuries if anyone is in its path.

All operating systems consist of multiple moving and stationary parts working together to move a heavy object quickly and safely. Routine garage door maintenance extends the life of all components and ensures proper function. With it, homeowners will get the most out of their system and save the money, time, and frustration associated with part failure.

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