Liftmaster 1355


1355-225x150The Liftmaster 1355 is a garage door opener that offers reliability and supreme durability to operate in various circumstances and to deliver exceptional power in its operation. Garages are expensive structures and include a number of intricate components that often sustain a great deal of damage and deterioration over time and with regular use. The following review takes a closer look at the function of such mechanisms and the value that it can provide.

For large garage doors, it is important to rely on the best mechanisms that deliver superior security features and will last against general wear and tear. These structures offer privacy and protection for the home requiring superior quality to deliver smooth functionality. Powerful lifting and smooth performance are provided with the use of the 1355 model range.

To prevent against malfunction that could leave the door wide open for intruders or expose assets to damage, it is essential that sturdy and quality items are selected and installed. The Liftmaster offers powerful performance, stability, and lifting functions to ensure that you are safe and doors remain in full working order. Discussing the options with an experienced contractor can aid in making an informed and valuable choice.

Relying on quality mechanisms can provide optimum protection and ensure that all structures remain in top operational order. There are a number of features and functions that are associated with the line including electronic programming. The advanced technology allows one to access a security panel by means of a control pad for simple, safe, and convenient function.

A number of security functions are included in these types of mechanisms. The inclusion of safety beams that are emitted across the garage door works to reverse the door should it be triggered while the structure is closing. The inclusion of sensors will protect people and objects if the door is coming down to ensure that it does not make contact and prevents against damage.

There is the option to use a personalized code for the opening and closing of the structure. This offers added security as it is more difficult to pry open including the use of a suitable remote control. The patented lock will ensure that the door remains closed and secured to prevent against easy access for intruders and keep all assets protected.

The system includes electronic operation, but does include a manual release in case of a power outage. This will ensure that vehicles and exits are not locked and sealed in the case the electricity goes out. It is important to source these items from an authentic supplier to ensure that you are receiving certified goods built to last.

The Liftmaster 1355 is a unique range offering performance, stability, and powerful operation for heavy structures including the use of a single remote control for ease of access and functionality. It offers a number of safety features such as a beam across the entryways that will reverse its operation as soon as people or objects are detected. Considerations should be made for the structures that deliver superior operation and reliance on a manual system to release the mechanism in the event of a power outage.
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