Liftmaster 3850


3850“Just installed the Liftmaster 3850 a week ago, and its working fine. One of the aspects that I was worried about was noise, thankfully this one is pretty quiet. My Iiftmaster is integrated with a back up or standby power system. I tested this and found that it works fine for 39 door openings without power. However some people claim that this number goes beyond 40, I think maybe it depends on many other factors like how much charge is left in the battery. It has one of those safety systems that we see in lifts where the door automatically stops or reverses when it senses an object or body in its way. It basically works on the principle of infrared beams which are not visible to the human eye but can be used in such systems for sensing disturbance in the pathway.”

“It provides 200 watt lighting and the opener lights are as expected automatic. I got an EverCharge Standby Power System, a Smart Control Panel and a three button remote all included in the accessories as a part of the package. I personally found the smart panel to be really useful. It can display time, temperature and some diagnostic messages and all this data can be displayed in three different languages. One of the really neat features of the control panel is that it locks out the radio signals while you are away. But I also purchased two different accessories. The first one is a Garage door monitor.”

“It comes in handy when you wish to know whether the door is closed or not without actually being at the property. It flashes a red light when the door is open and a green when it is safely closed. The second accessory is a laser parking assist. The idea behind this is simple, as you will enter your garage the laser will get activated and projected on the dashboard and will help you park in the same place every time.  Last but not the least, with the lightmaster 3850 you get lifetime warranty on the motor and belt. I would give it a score of 9 out of 10 with its pros and cons well balanced.”
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