Liftmaster 3255


3255My dad got this one for his garage just yesterday. He bought it from Amazon for a few hundred bucks. It’s a Contractor Series 1/2 HP Chain Drive garage door opener. His older garage door opener was old, like really old, about 25 years old and it always made those scratchy sounds which would make you want pull out your own hair. It was really annoying but finally he came to senses and bought a new one.

Now this one is not as silent as other high end garage door openers but it’s still very silent as compared to those antique models. It has a high strength chain drive that makes it possible for it to keep a steady and smooth pace. It’s covered by a 4 year motor warranty and a one year parts warranty. It’s not that high on smart features but still covers enough ground in this area. Some notable features are automatic reversal of the doors. While reading the manual that came
with it, I found that if a door spring breaks accidently or for some other reason then the motor will go in reverse causing the door to be in the full open position.

It provides a 100-watt lighting. The opener lights get turned on automatically, and this is achieved by an infrared set up. My dad has an inclination towards the products which have certification. I guess this was one the reasons why he got it as its certified by the good housekeeping seal. It’s an even better deal for those who have an older lightmaster biting the dust as this one will fit in the same place as the outdated one.

It also meets all the UL325 standards. For those who don’t know what UL325 standards are let me tell you that it’s a safety standard for doors, gates and window operators. I think that at this it provides modest functionalities and is a great value for the money spent. If you wish to invest more and expand its functional zone then there are a number of accessories from LiftMaster itself. These accessories can be purchased separately as add ons. I would advise to go for it if you want a garage door opener that is fairly basic in terms of functionality but doesn’t compromises on quality at all.