Liftmaster 1345



The Liftmaster 1345 is one of the best garage door openers on the market. The device offers a considerable amount of lift, and buyers can expect their garages to remain protected through the years ahead. Specialized contractors will usually be able to install the opener for a small charge. Once it has been carefully maneuvered into place, it will remain in proper working order for a long time.

The model offers 75 watts of light, which means the interior of the garage will automatically be lit up whenever the button on the opener is pressed. It also has an automatic light time delay, which means the bulb will flick off by itself after several seconds. For homeowners who are looking to save money wherever they can, this is a very popular feature.

The installation button itself is rather easy to install. It can be affixed to the wall with a sturdy bracket and a bit of wiring. When people exit the house and walk into the garage, the Liftmaster 1345 can thus be activated within just a few seconds. The button also lights up, which makes it easy to find during the dark hours of late evening.

The remote for the car is connected to the the garage door itself through a wireless code. When people are driving their vehicles and are within a few feet of the driveway, they can simply hit the remote button to activate the garage door. The motor will slowly raise the door into the rafters so that the vehicle can enter the interior of the garage without much of a problem.

The Protector System uses a special laser to ensure that there is nothing blocking the garage door as it lowers itself to the floor. If a toddler or pet runs underneath the door while it is in motion, it will reverse its motion and retreat upward. This will prevent members of the household from becoming unnecessarily injured.

The Liftmaster also uses a special locking system that prevents it from being manually lifted. If homeowners are going to be out of town for the weekend and want to keep their vehicle inside, the locking mechanism will prevent unsavory characters from invading the garage. The lock is thus able to add another level of security to a wonderfully designed system.

There are a number of warranties available for this particular model. While the individual components parts are guaranteed for one year, the motor is guaranteed for two years. If any problems develop, the manufacturer will make the repairs without any problems. With regular maintenance, the device should remain in great shape for a long time.

The Liftmaster 1345 is ultimately a great choice for homeowners everywhere. The security mechanisms that are associated with the device are ideal, and people can ensure that their vehicles will not be damaged. Special locking mechanisms guarantee that only certain verified individuals can open the door. Homeowners who are interested in this particular model should make plans to procure one as soon as possible.
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