Is Your Garage Door Stuck?

You may need a garage door spring replacement in Scottsdale, Peoria, or Surprise, AZ

Functioning springs are essential for the operation of your garage door. If you can't lift your door, or you notice a separation between your springs, you can count on an expert from Garage Door Solutions, LLC to take care of the problem. We provide safe and efficient garage door spring replacement services in Scottsdale, Peoria, Surprise, AZ and throughout the Valley area. We'll make sure your door opens and closes correctly.

Ask a garage door technician about replacing your torsion springs now by calling 623-249-4141.

spring replacement peoria and surprise az
2-Torsion springs $399 Includes service/labor
1-Torsion spring $349 Includes service/labor

Leave spring replacement to our professionals

Replacing garage door torsion springs is a dangerous project and should never be attempted by amateurs. The springs are under extreme tension, meaning that the door could fall rapidly and cause injury or even death if the job isn't done properly. Our technicians are highly trained and can perform your replacement safely.

Don't risk getting hurt- hire a professional from Garage Door Solutions in Scottsdale, Peoria, or Surprise, AZ to handle your garage door spring replacement.