Liftmaster 8355


8355This is a garage door opener for those who love technology. It’s like the iphone of garage door openers. In simple words this garage door opener is smart. I did some research before purchasing it so once I got it installed and started my experiments and in my experience it passed all the tests with flying colors. T

The first thing I tested was the automatic reversal of the door when something stands in its way, it works every time so its hazard free. Then there is this “Myq technology” that I had heard a lot about. They say you can control most of the electric appliances in your house hold with a mobile or tablet by using it and it also has some security features.

I have tried my mobile app with this product and it seems to be working seamlessly. I can close and open the door from my mobile phone with this app and it also gives me a pop up notification every time my garage door is opened. It also has a security feature called posi-lock. What it does, is sense any attempt of forced opening. If this happens, it immediately locks the door.

This door is also high on encryption; it means that it’s difficult to hack it. And yeah its noise free, I personally found it to be pretty quiet. The manual also says that it consumes 75% less power when on stand by mode, I guess it also makes it eco-friendIy. Accessories included in the package are one multi function control panel which is meant to be used inside the garage and one three button remote control.

The manual says that this remote can also be used in conjunction with the myq technology for switching on and off some of the home appliances but I have personally not tried it yet. With such amazing features it is value for money, I will suggest to go for it, and as I already stated “In short, this garage door is SMART”.
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